How many Calories is Spaghetti?

Spaghetti Calories- How Many Calories Are There In A Bowl Of Spaghetti?

how many calories are there in a bowl of spaghetti? 1/4 ounce bowl of cooked plain spaghetti contains 392 calories. That same bowl of spaghetti with a 1/2 cup of red sauce without meat on it contains 463 calories. 4 ounces of cooked whole-wheat spaghetti contains 344 calories with a 1/2 cup of meatless red sauce it contains 415 calories.

Can You Eat Spaghetti & Lose Weight?? Healthy Low Calorie Meal Prep

we have the colors of the Italian flag. I love when that happens. It’s totally unintentional that it is so cool now save the top of the phenols. These are called fennel fronds. They’re absolutely delicious and it’s kind of like getting a twofer. You get the vegetable on the bottom and you get the herbs on top. So just pick them and pluck them in the salad. It’s such a great delicate flavor to finish instead of using parmesan. I use its cousin pecorino romano. It’s cheaper and a ship’s sheep’s milk from Rome. And it’s delicious. So, all I do is take a veggie peeler and I want long strips. I just shave it and the beauty of using this cheese is it only has 20 calories and one gram of fat per tablespoon. Just mix the salad with your hands.

Now, look at that it’s really really easy. But sexy salad. It’s got a great color. Now I’m not gonna dress this. I’m gonna keep this in the fridge as is and when the time comes to eat it. I’m gonna dress it with a little bit of extra virgin olive oil, fresh lemon juice salt, and pepper. And I’m gonna do that or right before I eat it. Because if you do that ahead of time, the salad will wilt big-time. Let’s push this aside check on our sauce which is just about. It’s just so meaty and saucy. It’s like a proper ragout that normally would take maybe an hour or two hours. And this has been only going for 15 minutes now just like I finished almost all sauces.

I’m gonna take the spaghetti or the pasta noodle. And put it directly in the sauce. Just make sure you have a really big pan. I recommend getting one that has high sides. Now keep the heat on like medium and I’m gonna cook it for a good like 4 to 5 minutes. Because I want the sauce and pasta noodles to kind of come together. And I want that noodle to soak up all of that meaty goodness. And this is how you fool your palate or fool your friends and your family into thinking they’re eating starchy car. Because pasta you can’t even tell the difference.

It’s amazing. Don’t forget to take out the bay leaf. It’s done. The pasta looks absolutely perfect. I’m gonna kill the heat on the pan and finish it with some fresh herbs. I have some parsley that I’ve finely chopped. And then I’m gonna reach for the pecorino romano again. Because it has so few calories and the residual heat inside the pasta is gonna melt that smells. So good right now. I’m gonna evacuate this into a container for the week. I have my tub Oh spaghetti.

Now, this is enough for five super hearty portions but don’t even worry about it. Because check out the macros below it’s super good for you and can keep this in the fridge for five days. But you can’t freeze it. Let’s go ahead and pleat up a portion. Let me scoop in a big healthy portion of the spaghetti and then some of the salad that I dressed. And there it is healthy comfort food. If that doesn’t get you excited about eating healthy delicious food. I am going into this pasta that mmm sure the entire nation of Italy without rage right now. I’m using shirataki noodles and ground chicken. but it was so worth it because that pasta is silky and al dente the sauce is creamy. It’s meaty and I don’t even miss the beef.


Today we’re going to be making my Portuguese inspired chicken spaghetti. So let’s get started. One of the main ingredients in this dish is onions. We’re gonna chop three of them. Because you do need quite a bit of this at the bottom of the pot. So normally this recipe doesn’t have any sort of veggies except for onion inside of it. I’m adding footage in there just to make. This recipe a little bit healthier and to have at least something green inside of it. So we’re gonna go ahead and chop up some spinach and put it in as well with the onion. So we’re gonna chop and total at 3 cups of spinach just because I am making a large pot. This time can also put actually the spinach in the whole you don’t have to actually chop it. I am just boiling some water and I’ve just led a teaspoon of olive oil. So now our water is boiling. We’re just going to add in a regular spaghetti.

I have measured. This is 305 grams of spaghetti. I don’t like it when they’re super long. It’s just hard to eat for me. I just split them in half like that let’s go easier for kids to eat it too. I find that’s the main two secrets about cooking pasta. So that isn’t done properly is one having a little bit of olive oil. like I said before because it allows it to moisturize the pasta.

So that you don’t have to worry about it. It sticking to the pot and the other secret is to occasionally. Always check up on it and keep stirring it around just to ensure that the oils all over it. We’re just gonna let it cook and then I’m gonna check in on it. I’m going to stir it again. So just add added the onion to the bottom of your pot has this pot on high at the moment and we’re gonna add just a teaspoon of oil to it and a touch of water. So just a tad. We’re gonna let the onions kind of cook down a little bit. I’m just gonna be adding a little bit of water. I would say just half a cup for now. I learned this recipe from my aunt. She used to babysit us when we were younger and she used to make this meal for us. All the time we were obsessed with it like. So obsessed with it and every single day be like can you make that pasta for us. I loved it so much so she would make it all the time and I finally got a little bit older. I’m like how do you make it.

I really want to make it, so I made it once and it tasted like literally 90% just like hers instead of using white wine which is what she actually is white wine or beer. I can’t remember but we’re not gonna be using either of those today. We’re actually gonna be replacing it with apple cider vinegar. So how cool is that because I was trying to think of something that kind of has that sort of similar taste to white wine. I think that apple cider would be a good fit and I tried it. And it turned out. So well I don’t like to put too much salt at this point because I want to taste it afterward. As well I want to show you about the close-up. The onions are starting to cook and start to boil a little bit. That’s exactly what we want.

Now at this point, we’re also going to add some garlic powder into there to just go with it follow your heart some black pepper in there. I’d say about one tablespoon another very important ingredient is our Pimentel paste. Which you use pimento paste three to four tablespoons of this a lot of flavors. If your kids are sensitive to something like this, you can get the mild one smelling. So good already. Now you can see it has more of that orange color. We’re gonna give it even more color by putting some paprika. We use a ton of paprika in our foods. I would say you need a good three tablespoons of this in here. Now that the onions are mostly cooked. We’re gonna go ahead and add in a ton more water now. Because we’re going to add in our chicken. So we have filled up our pot with a ton of water.

Now I’m just gonna stir that all up. We’re gonna keep it on high heat because we do need to cook the neem really well. What we’re gonna do is, we’re gonna wait for this to come to a boil. And then we’re gonna add in our apple cider. So our pasta is done. Now it’s all come to a boil now we’re going to be adding in our apple cider vinegar a good 1 and 1/2 cups. So what I’ve done is, I have a mix of chicken breasts this time. And also some chicken thighs. I’m just mixing a little bit of both of them. This time I split my chicken breasts into two. So I’ve just cut them in half and I’m using about 4 full chicken breasts. Then I’m using about 12 pieces of chicken thighs. These guys are my favorite because they’re so tasty. You still want to keep this on high because now we’re gonna be cooking the meat through.

So now we’re just gonna let this come to a boil. We’re gonna make sure our meat is all cooked and then we’re gonna remove them. And after that chop them all up and add them back in or our meat is basically cooked. Now we’re just gonna get a bowl on the side. And we’re just gonna put all of our meat inside of there. Because we’re gonna chop it up. So we’ve just added all of our meat inside of this bow. We’re gonna plug in our favorite chopper. I would say to add about 3 pieces in here. At a time now we’re just gonna add it in. So now we’ve chopped up all of our chicken and we’ve added it back into our pot. And now I’ve put it back up on medium. I’m going to add in my spinach the reason why I didn’t before is that when you take out the chicken the spinach is gonna be all over it. And then it’s just gonna get chopped even smaller. So that’s just a little tip I like to use.

We’re just going to stir that all up now. We’re just going to let that cook on medium. It’s been cooking for about ten minutes. Now just going to turn off the oven now I would just let it sit for about five minutes. I hope you guys enjoyed this recipe and I hope you guys can recreate it at home thank you guys so much for.

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